Lives and works in Haifa, Israel.
Member of Binyamin gallery, a cooperative non profit gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

Artist Statement

My artistic work includes drawing, installation, and sculpture. I try to bring to my work my baffled and curious look at the ever-changing world.

The works relate to my personal life experiences, but also to the public sphere in which I sense  a collapse of the political and social order that until recently I used to take for granted. I try to convey a sense of a  world where  networks enable enhanced connectivity between people, while paradoxically interpersonal alienation seems to be growing. A world where boundaries between  categories such as real and fake, private and public, truth and false,  etc. are blurring.  I believe the hybrid nature of my work stems from this sense of blurring boundaries. I combine components from different domains (mechanical, organic and architectural), and merge private inner spaces and public spaces. I also combine 2D and 3D elements, video and sculpture or photography and sculpture.

I find myself returning to the same imagery over and over again.  Imaginary architectures which lack any structural logic are one central component. I see them as “mental environments” focusing on my personal perception of my living environment. Another recurring theme in my works are hybrid creatures / entities that have alien, machine or animal features. The last element, one that accompanies me for many years, long before COVID19, is the “capsule” – a section of enclosed space and time.  Capsules interest me as a way to disconnect and isolate a small space from the noisy environment, the one expressed in my architectural landscapes.

The viewer’s movement relative to the installation is of special importance to me.  At any moment, depending on the viewer’s position in the space, his perception of the work changes. There is no one “right” appearance to the installation. This, for me, is a way to metaphorically express the idea, that one’s position in the world (worldview, cultural background, socioeconomic status etc.) determines his perception of reality. Reality is not one, I guess, it is viewpoint dependent.

There is a strong connection between my installations and my drawings. Most of the time I draw with pencils but I also use ink, charcoal and watercolor. The drawings are partly done free hand and partly with rulers and stencils. The attempt to create beauty and meaning with what appears to be a technical sketch is of particular interest to me. I draw on paper, wood and wall.

My main work techniques are deliberately low-tech, manual and Sisyphean, hoping to preserve material and sensory experience in the digital age.


MFA, Haifa University, 2009 – 2011.
Graduate of the “Midrasha” art college, 2005 – 2009.
Before that – B.Sc in Computer Science.


2020 – Fellow at the Bogliasco foundation, Bogliasco-Genoa, Italy.
2019 – The LAB, Tel Aviv.
2016 – Cité internationale des Arts, Paris, France.

Special Projects

2014 – Fresh paint 7 Artists’ Greenhouse, Tel Aviv.
2012 – “Code”, as part of ‘8 cube museum space’, Tel Aviv museum. Curators: Nili Goren, Sally Haftel Naveh, Nogah Davidson.

Solo Exhibitions

2020 – “Flight Mode”, Rehovot Municipal gallery, curator: Ora Kraus.
2019 – “Low Sun” The LAB, Tel Aviv, curator: Sharon Toval.
2015 – “Holding on”, Tel Aviv Artists’ House. Curator: Irena Gordon.
2013 – “now \ (here+there)”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tali Tamir.
2012 – “Indication for a place”, the gallery at “KiryatHaomanim”, Tivon. Curator: Yifat ben Natan.
2012 – “The possibility of a site”, installation, Yanko Dada museum, EinHod. Curator: Raya Zomer.

Couple Exhibitions

2018 – Plan B, Alfred Institute for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ravit Harari.
2017 – NoEnd, Giv’at Haim Ihud gallery. Curaturs: Ruti, Chinsky-Amitay and Hanush Morag

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 – Prom, Beit Tami, Tel Aviv, curator: Carmit Blumenshon
2018 – It was me, Zuzu gallery, curator: Rotem Ritov
2017 – The 3rd Israeli Paper biennale, Haaretz Museum, Tel Aviv, curator: Anat Gatenio
2017 – Imaginary Landscapes, VIZO Haifa academy of design and education, curator: Anat Gatenio.
2016 – “Reshamin 6”, Israel drawing biennale, curators: Sally Haftel Nave and Edna Moshenson
2016 – “Ba Sade Ha Samuch”, group exhibition, Studio Dieci, Vercelli, Italy, Diego Pasqualin and Dario Arkel.
2016 – “ A hundred yeas to DADA”, Yanko Dada museum, EinHod. Curator: Raya Zomer.
2015 – “Local pulse 2 \ Mix & Match”, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Orly Hoffman &Arie Berkovitch
2015 – “Out of Proportions”, Open University Gallery, Ra’anana. Curator: Carmit Blumenshon.
2014 – “Partners”, Chelouche gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Tal Amitai-Lavi
2014 – “Disturbed Landscape”, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Shahar Markus.
2013– “Urban Nature”. A site specific installation for “Reshamim V”, drawing biennale, Jerusalem. Curator: Tal Yahas
2013 – “Not Book”, Beit Ha’ir, Tel Aviv. Curator: Dr. Guy Morag.
2013 – “Concrete Abstract”, BAAD Gallery Bezalel, Tel Aviv. Curator: Ricardo Roistaczer.
2013 – “The eye of the Blackbird”, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Irena Gordon.
2011 – “Certified Copy” as part of “The holiday of Holidays”, Haifa. Curator: Yeala Hazut.
2009 – “Connections”, duo exhibition. City gallery of Kfar-Saba. Curater: Revital Segev.