Invi The Darkness In

A one woman exhibition, 2022, Binyamin gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Anat Gatenio.

The exhibition refers to the blurring of boundaries between traditional categories and defined disciplines (such as the domestic and public sphere, nature and culture, reality and fiction) by means of merging materials, shapes and images from these different domains. The gallery space is thus filled with sculptural hybrids such as a shelf unit resembling a building, or perhaps a robot, a dresser that “swallowed” a rock, and an object set on the floor in the middle of the space resembling a mechanical construction from outer space that also has organic attributes at the same time.

Crosses between images representing interior and exterior are discernible in all the featured works, as if frozen in various stages of blending and fusion. The objects are distorted, evoking a sense of unsettling alienation.